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Q: Does Sunrise Greenhouse grow all their own plants?

A: We grow as many as we can ourselves. Most of our annuals, both flowers and vegetables, and many of our perennials we grow ourselves from seed, cuttings, or small plugs. Although we do not grow our own trees, shrubs, and roses, we do bring them in from growers dedicated to the highest quality plants.

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Q: Does Sunrise Greenhouse offer landscaping design services?

A: While we do not offer professional landscaping design services, we are more than willing to advise you on which plants would work best in your landscape. We have very creative and dedicated employees willing to help you coordinate your landscape to make it look bright and beautiful.

Q: Does Sunrise Greenhouse have an installation team?

A: Although we do not have an installation crew, we do offer delivery services for any size order. There is a flat fee for delivery. This means that whether you get one plant or fill a whole truck, it's all the same charge.

We also have a list of landscapers we recommend if you are looking for professional installation. Simply ask, and we can provide that to you.

Q: I heard about you from a friend, but I live an hour away. Is it worth the trip?

A: We believe it is still worth the trip to come take a look around. Our 7 acre greenhouse offers a massive selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, vegetables, and more. We have become the one stop shop for all your gardening needs. We specialize in growing hanging baskets, growing approximately 55,000 this past year. We grow high quality pills and sell them at a low price. Our low prices make up for the amount of gas used to make the trip. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are dedicated to gardening and love answering any and all questions you have. You won't forget your first time here!

Q: When are you open?

A: We are open year round, with hours varying by season. Check our website or social media for current greenhouse hours. 

Q: Why is your business closed on Sundays?

A: God has graciously given the owners and their families a saving faith in Jesus Christ. He has blessed us with the gift of churches where our faith can be strengthened through the preaching of His Word. Therefore, on Sunday, we are resting from our labors and praising God in His house. We close on Sundays to also give our employees the opportunity to rest from work and attend church if they choose to do so.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do have our own fleet of trucks that we use to make deliveries to the surrounding area. We typically deliver within 60 miles of our greenhouse. There is a flat fee involved based on location. You can find that fee under the Resources tab of our website. 

Q: What do you do all year?

A: We begin planting seeds and sticking cuttings in late December and early January. That generally continues through March and into April. April through June we are busy with retail and wholesale plant sales. Mid July through September we pick our vegetables from the fields. We sell them in our own produce stand on site and also ship out truckloads of sweet corn to various grocery stores. During this time we are also planting mums from small plugs. Mum sales begin in August and we sell mums through early October. We sell from our retail store as well as to various local grocery stores, landscapers, garden centers, and fundraisers.

In November and December, we focus on Christmas. We grow poinsettias and assemble winter greenery porch containers for outdoor decorating. We also offer gift cards, which make a great gift for gardeners and new homeowners. 

Q: Does Sunrise sell only retail?

A: Sunrise Greenhouse sells both retail and wholesale. Our current wholesale customers include landscapers, greenhouses, garden centers, produce stands, grocery stores, churches, and even a racetrack! For requirements to set up a wholesale account, call us at 815-465-6310 and speak to Jeff.

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