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There's something idyllic about perennial grasses billowing gently in the breeze. Aside from the aesthetic value, perennial grasses serve another purpose by being the quickest (and most affordable) way to add height in your landscaping. Need summer privacy? A grouping of Miscanthus grasses is a great option! How about a shade loving grass? Then you need Japanese Forest Grass.

Planting Tips! We highly recommend using Bumper Crop Soil Builder. This amendment is mixed 50/50 with your native soil before backfilling the planting area. This amendment will help loosen heavy clay, bind sand, promote water retention, and provide a beneficial environment for micro-organisms essential to plant growth. Also, don't forget to mulch! Water retention (and weed prevention) is key to growing all perennials. 

When's the best time to plant Perennial Grasses? Any time from May thru August. Planting later than that can be a little iffy. Perennial Grasses prefer going into winter with a strong root system. So the earlier you can plant, the better!

2024 Perennial Grasses List - Printable

Woldhuis Sunrise Greenhouse Grasses

Genus Variety Name Common Name Price
Acorus Ogon Variegated Sweet Flag Grass $7.99
Andropogon Blackhawks Big Bluestem $7.99
Calamagrostis brachytricha Korean Feather Reed $7.99
Calamagrostis Caspian Korean Feather Reed $7.99
Calamagrostis Eldorado Variegated Feather Reed $7.99
Calamagrostis Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass $7.99
Calamagrostis Lightning Strike® Variegated Feather Reed $7.99
Calamagrostis Overdam Variegated Feather Reed $7.99
Carex Bowles Golden Sedge $7.99
Carex EverColor® Evergold Sedge $7.99
Carex EverColor® Everillo Sedge $7.99
Carex Ice Dance Sedge $7.99
Carex Kaga Nishiki Sedge $7.99
Chasmanthium Latifolium Northern Sea Oats $7.99
Deschampsia Pixie Fountain Tufted Hair Grass $7.99
Festuca Blue Whiskers Blue Fescue $7.99
Hakonechloa All Gold Japanese Forest Grass $7.99
Hakonechloa Aureola Japanese Forest Grass $7.99
Imperata Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Bandwidth™ Dwarf Zebra Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Dixieland Dwarf Variegated Maiden Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Giganteus Giant Miscanthus $19.99
Miscanthus Gold Breeze Maiden Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Gracillimus Maiden Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Huron Sunrise Maiden Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Malepartus Japanese Silver Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Oktoberfest Burgundy Maiden Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Purpurascens Red Flame Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Silberfeder Silver Feather Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Strictus Porcupine Grass $7.99
Miscanthus Variegatus Variegated Maiden Grass $7.99
Muhlenbergia Undaunted® Muhly Grass $7.99
Panicum Blue Fountain Switch Grass $7.99
Panicum Gunsmoke Switch Grass $7.99
Panicum Prairie Winds® Cheyenne Sky Switch Grass $11.99
Panicum Prairie Winds® Niagara Falls Switch Grass $11.99
Panicum Prairie Winds® Totem Pole Switch Grass $11.99
Pennisetum Etouffee™ Dwarf Fountain Grass $7.99
Pennisetum Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass $7.99
Pennisetum Piglet Dwarf Fountain Grass $7.99
Pennisetum Puppy Love Dwarf Fountain Grass $7.99
Phalaris Strawberries & Cream Ribbon Grass $7.99
Saccharum ravennae Pampas Grass $7.99
Schizachyrium Shining Star™ Little Bluestem Grass $7.99
Schizachyrium Smoke Signal Little Bluestem Grass $7.99
Schizachyrium Twilight Zone Little Bluestem Grass $7.99
Sesleria autumnalis Autumn Moor Grass $7.99
Sporobolus heterolepis Prairie Dropseed Grass $7.99
Sporobolus Tara Prairie Dropseed Grass $7.99