Shade Perennial Flowers at Woldhuis Farms Garden Center Sunrise Greenhouse

Shade Perennials

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Do you have a shady oasis in your yard, but struggle to grow plants such as Coneflowers and Daylilies? You might need to try Shade Perennials!

Shade Perennials are plants that prefer 4 or less hours (but some can handle 6 or less) of direct sunlight. Preferably morning sun or dappled sun. Be wary of planting certain Shade Perennials in hot afternoon sun! For example, you can plant some varieties of Heuchera in 4-6 hours of morning sun, but not all.

If you aren't sure what kind of plant you need, ask us! As we like to say, "When in doubt, find out!" Our Perennial Department team is more than happy to help you pick out the proper plants for all areas of your yard. 

Check out our full Shade Perennial List below. PS: Hosta's have their own page.

2024 Shade Perennials List - Printable
Woldhuis Sunrise Greenhouse Shade Perennials

Genus Common Variety Price
Aconitum Monkshood, Wolfsbane Napellus $7.99
Aconitum Monkshood, Wolfsbane Napellus Album $7.99
Aconitum Monkshood, Wolfsbane Sparks Variety $7.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Black Scallop $2.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Burgundy Glow $2.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Caitlin's Giant $2.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Chocolate Chip $2.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Fine Feathered Cordial Canary $2.99
Ajuga Bugleweed Fine Feathered Parrot of Paradise $2.99
Alchemilla Ladys Mantle Thriller $7.99
Aralia Spikenard Sun King $7.99
Aruncus Goats Beard Aethusifolius $7.99
Aruncus Goats Beard Chantilly Lace $11.99
Aruncus Goats Beard Misty Lace $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Bressingham Beauty $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Bridal Veil $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Dark Side of the Moon $11.99
Astilbe False Spirea Delft Lace $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Go Go Red $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Lowlands Ruby Red $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Lowlands White $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Maggie Daley $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Mighty Chocolate Cherry $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Montgomery $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Music Honky Tonk $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Ostrich Plume $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Peach Blossom $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Purple Candles $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Razzle Dazzle $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Red Sentinel $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Vision In Pink $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Vision In Red $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Vision In White $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Younique Ceris $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Younique Ruby Red $7.99
Astilbe False Spirea Younique Silvery Pink $7.99
Bellis English Daisy Bellisima Red $2.99
Genus Common Variety Price
Bellis English Daisy Bellisima Rose $2.99
Bergenia Pigsqueak Miss Piggy $11.99
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Emerald Mist $9.99
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Jack Frost $7.99
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Jack of Diamonds® $11.99
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Queen of Hearts $11.99
Brunnera Siberian Bugloss Sterling Silver $9.99
Cimicifuga Snakeroot Black Negligee $11.99
Cimicifuga Snakeroot Chocoholic $11.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Alba $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Amore Rose $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Amore Titanium $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Burning Hearts $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Gold Heart $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart King of Hearts $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Pink Diamonds $11.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Spectablis $9.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Valentine $9.99
Epimedium Bishops Hat Frohnleiten $11.99
Epimedium Bishops Hat Orange Queen $11.99
Epimedium Bishops Hat Roseum $11.99
Ferns Fern Autumn Brilliance (Evergreen) $7.99
Ferns Fern Crested Surf $11.99
Ferns Fern Ghost $7.99
Ferns Fern Godzilla $7.99
Ferns Fern Lady In Red $7.99
Ferns Fern Ostrich The King $7.99
Ferns Fern Pictum (Japanese Painted) $7.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Frostkiss™ Angels Charmer $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Frostkiss™ Anna's Red $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Frostkiss™ Glenda's Gloss $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Frostkiss™ Moon Dance $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Frostkiss™ Vibey Velvet $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Honeymoon® Spanish Flare $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Wedding Party® Blushing Bridesmaid $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Wedding Party® Confetti Cake $17.99
Helleborus Lenten Rose Wedding Party® Mother of the Bride $17.99
Genus Common Variety Price
Heuchera Coral Bells Caramel $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Cherry Cola $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Dolce® Cherry Truffles $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Dolce® Silver Gumdrop $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Dolce® Spearmint $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Dolce® Wildberry $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Electra $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Fire Alarm $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Forever Purple $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Forever Red $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Georgia Peach $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Georgia Plum $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Ginger Ale $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Glitter $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Lemon Supreme $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Lime Marmalade $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Marmalade $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Northern Exposure™ Amber $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Northern Exposure™ Lime $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Northern Exposure™ Purple $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Northern Exposure™ Sienna $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Northern Exposure™ Silver $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Primo® Black Pearl $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Primo® Peachberry Ice $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Primo® Wild Rose $11.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Rio $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Timeless Berry $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Timeless Glow $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Timeless Night $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Timeless Treasure $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Tokyo $7.99
Heuchera Coral Bells Zipper $7.99
Heucherella Foamy Bells Buttered Rum $7.99
Heucherella Foamy Bells Catching Fire $7.99
Heucherella Foamy Bells Fun and Games® Eye Spy $11.99
Heucherella Foamy Bells Pumpkin Spice $7.99
Heucherella Foamy Bells Solar Eclipse $7.99
Genus Common Variety Price
Leptinella Brass Buttons Platts Black $2.99
Ligularia Ragwort/ Leopard Plant Britt-Marie Crawford $9.99
Ligularia Ragwort/ Leopard Plant Little Lantern $9.99
Ligularia Ragwort/ Leopard Plant Othello $9.99
Ligularia Ragwort/ Leopard Plant Pandora $9.99
Ligularia Ragwort/ Leopard Plant The Rocket $9.99
Lychnis Red Campion Lumina Bronze Leaf Red $2.99
Lychnis Arctic Campion viscaria alpina $2.99
Mukgenia Bergenia x Mukdenia Nova® Flame $11.99
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Golden Feathers $9.99
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Heaven Scent $11.99
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Stairway To Heaven $9.99
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Touch Of Class $9.99
Polygonatum Solomons Seal Ruby Slippers $11.99
Primula Primrose Supernova Mix $2.99
Prunella Self Heal Bella Deep Rose $2.99
Pulmonaria Lungwort High Contrast $9.99
Pulmonaria Lungwort Raspberry Splash $9.99
Pulmonaria Lungwort Shrimps On The Barbie $9.99
Pulmonaria Lungwort Trevi Fountain $9.99
Rodgersia Rodgers Flower Bronze Peacock $11.99
Spigelia Indian Pink Little Redhead $11.99
Stachys Lamb's Ear Fuzzy Wuzzy $2.99
Tricyrtis Toad Lily Gilt Edge $7.99
Tricyrtis Toad Lily Samurai $7.99
Tricyrtis Toad Lily Sinonome $7.99