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Plants native to an area will establish quicker, naturally be hardier, and more resistant to diseases than non-natives. Plus, they're lower maintenance and usually require less water! Native Perennials also create wildlife habitats right in our own backyards by providing food and shelter for pollinators, birds, and wildlife.

Every yard should have a few plantings of Native Perennials. Not sure where to start? How about Asclepias tuberosa, commonly called Butterfly Milkweed. It's a gorgeous, orange flowering Native Perennial that's vitally important to the survival of Monarch Butterflies! Without Asclepias, Monarch Butterflies will go extinct.

Keep in mind when planting for pollinators the larger the patch, the better they can see it. Visibility is key! For example, start with 3 Asclepias tuberosa plants. Plant them in an area receiving 6 or more hours of direct sun, that doesn't flood or hold water (so avoid downspouts). Space them 18 inches apart in a triangle like shape. Don't forget to mulch! If all goes well, you should have flocks of Monarch's the following season!

See our full list of Native Perennials below.

2024 Native Perennials List - Printable
Woldhuis Sunrise Greenhouse Native Plants

Plant Common Name Variety Price
Agastache Anise Hyssop foeniculum $7.99
Amorpha Lead Plant canescens $7.99
Anemone Meadow Anemone canadensis $7.99
Aquilegia Wild Columbine canadensis $7.99
Arisaema Jack in the Pulpit triphyllum $7.99
Aruncus Goatsbeard dioicus $7.99
Asclepias Swamp Milkweed incarnata $6.99
Asclepias Common Milkweed syriaca $6.99
Asclepias Butterfly Weed tuberosa $6.99
Aster New England Aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae $7.99
Baptisia Blue False Indigo australis $7.99
Baptisia White False Indigo lactea $7.99
Berlandiera Chocolate Flower Lyrata $7.99
Callirhoe Common Winecup involucrata $7.99
Caltha Marsh Marigold palustris $7.99
Campanula Harebell rotundifolia $7.99
Ceanothus New Jersey Tea americanus $7.99
Chelone White Turtlehead glabra $7.99
Conoclinium Mistflower coelestinum $7.99
Dicentra Bleeding Heart eximia $9.99
Echinacea Purple Coneflower Purpurea $7.99
Eryngium Rattlesnake Master Yuccifolium $7.99
Eupatorium Joe Pye Weed, Boneset fistulosa $7.99
Geranium Spotted Cranesbill Maculatum $7.99
Geum Prairie Smoke triflorum $7.99
Heliopsis Oxeye Sunflower Helianthoides $7.99
Iris Crested Iris Cristata $7.99
Iris Northern Blue Flag Versicolor $7.99
Liatris Tall Blazing Star Aspera $7.99
Liatris Smallhead Blazing Star Microcephala $7.99
Liatris Prairie Blazing Star Pycnostachya $7.99
Lobelia Cardinal Flower Cardinalis $7.99
Lobelia Great Blue Lobelia Siphilitica $7.99
Mertensia Virginia Blue Bells virginica $7.99
Monarda Wild Bergomot fistulosa $7.99
Monarda Dotted Bee Balm punctata $7.99
Oenothera Missouri Evening Primrose macrocarpa $7.99
Parthenium Wild Quinine integrifolium $7.99
Penstemon Beard's Tongue digitalis $7.99
Phlox Woodland Phlox divaricata $7.99
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder reptans $7.99
Porteranthus Western Indian Physic Stipulatus $7.99
Plant Common Name Variety Price
Pycnanthemum Short Toothed Mountain Mint muticum $7.99
Ratibida Gray Prairie Coneflower pinnata $7.99
Rudbeckia Great Coneflower maxima $7.99
Rudbeckia Missouri Coneflower missouriensis $7.99
Rudbeckia Three-Leaved Coneflower triloba $7.99
Scutellaria Hoary or Downy Skullcap Incana $7.99
Silene Royal Catchfly Regia $7.99
Silphium Cup or Carpenter Plant Perfoliatum $7.99
Solidago Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod rugosa $7.99
Stylophorum Celandine Poppy Diphyllum $7.99
Tiarella Foamflower Cordifolia $7.99
Trillium Great White Trillium grandiflorum $7.99
Verbena Rose Vervain Canadensis $7.99
Verbena Blue Vervain hastata $7.99
Vernonia Threadleaf Ironweed lettermanii 'Iron Butterfly' $7.99
Vernonia Common Ironweed fasciculata $7.99
Veronicastrum Culver's Root virginicum $7.99
Viola Bird's Foot Violet Pedata $7.99
Viola Common Blue Violet Sororia $7.99
Zizia Heartleaf Golden Alexander aptera $7.99